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Terms and Conditions

During the period of your coverage, which starts upon receipt of your payment, Asset-Watch agrees to monitor the internet for unauthorized copies of the software or periodical you designate on the sign-up page, and upon detection of any such unauthorized copies, to notify the person you nominate. Further, Asset-Watch agrees to provide you with the information described herein for the removal of such unauthorized copies from file sharing sites. While Asset-Watch's monitoring systems are uniquely effective, the volume of information on the internet and its dynamic nature make it impossible for any system to guarantee that every unauthorized link will be identified. By subscribing to Asset-Watch's services, you agree that Asset-Watch shall in no way be held liable for any loss or damages you may incur as a result of unauthorized distribution of your products by any third party, and further that Asset-Watch shall not be liable for any claims, judgements, or damages arising from the removal of the covered software or other intellectual property from a web site or other distribution medium.