What Asset-Watch Does for You

Asset-Watch saves you money in two ways

  • It protects your revenue by detecting pirated copies of your products before they can pose a serious threat to your sales.

  • It frees you from the tedious, time-consuming procedures necessary to get the pirate copies removed from circulation.

There are thousands of high-traffic underground file-sharing websites and communities on the internet. On your behalf, Asset-Watch's automated systems monitor these sources of illegal filesharing, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, searching for unauthorized copies of your intellectual property.

Our experts have researched the most active download sites on the internet and developed unique tools to detect if your products have been pirated. Asset-Watch monitors several thousand sources, including:

  • BitTorrent-indexing websites and trackers
  • Free file-hosting services
  • Newsgroups
  • Blogs
  • File-sharing-related bulletin boards and web forums
  • Direct Download (DDL) websites
  • Social media such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc.

Asset-Watch constantly checks for new sources where pirated intellectual property is being made available. Our agents pay close attention to "chatter" in underground filesharing communities for emerging piracy trends. This allows Asset-Watch to develop strategies and tools to monitor new sources before they become a serious threat.

Immediate notification

When Asset-Watch detects an illegal copy of your product on the internet, we send you an immediate alert. This lets you take prompt action to address the problem before the pirated copies have time to spread to file-sharing sites around the world.

Illegal copies taken down

To remove the links to unauthorized copies of your products, Asset-Watch creates DMCA notices individually tailored for each hosting site.

DMCA notices are the most efficient and cost-effective method of stopping the distribution of pirated intellectual property, without expensive and time-consuming legal proceedings. Under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), websites are required by law to remove links to pirated information when they are served with a DMCA notice. This law is rigorously enforced for sites in the United States, and most international websites comply as well because they do not want to lose their internet hosting nor be held liable for distributing copyright-infringing files.

When websites receive an Asset-Watch DMCA notice, they typically remove the download link within a few days. Asset-Watch clients report a success rate of better than 95% in getting unauthorized copies of their products removed from circulation.

Asset-Watch makes it quick and easy

Locating the download links, finding the correct point of contact for each of the infringing websites, and writing DMCA notices that comply with each site's specific requirements is a tedious and time-consuming process. Many software developers and publishers have found it is simply not cost-effective to devote their own resources to this process, and reluctantly decide they must put up with lost sales from piracy as an unavoidable cost of doing business.

Asset-Watch was developed specifically to address this problem. With Asset-Watch, there is no need to devote your valuable resources to searching the internet, researching links, or writing DMCA notices. For a small monthly charge, Asset-Watch does it all on your behalf, including creating a DMCA notice in the appropriate format for each infringing site, identifying the correct recipients, and providing all the pertinent links and other information. All you need to do is add your electronic signature to the DMCA notices and click Send.

Depending on the cost of your product, an Asset-Watch subscription can pay for itself several times over in a single month.