Why You Need Asset-Watch

Piracy of intellectual property is responsible for billions of dollars of lost revenue every year. If your products haven't yet been targeted by pirates, it's just a matter of time. When it does happen, you need to take prompt action to prevent lost sales.

When illicit copies of your products are released into the underground piracy world, time is your greatest enemy. Within hours, these copies can spread to thousands of top-level piracy FTP servers. From there, they can spread to the BitTorrent community, to newsgroups, to free file-hosting websites, and to Direct Download (DDL) websites around the world. Asset-Watch's research has revealed that this process can happen in as little as one day. That's how long you have to react before you run the risk of a significant loss of sales.

Asset-Watch lets you stay ahead of the pirates by alerting you as soon as your product is detected at the top level of the piracy hierarchy -- before it has had time to filter down to the thousands of file-sharing sites -- and by giving you an effective, easy-to-use means for getting the illegal copies removed from circulation.

Asset-Watch is more cost-effective than traditional antipiracy methods

The traditional method of pursuing copyright infringers is by filing a civil lawsuit. This is both time-consuming and expensive. Civil lawsuits often take months or years to conclude. Meanwhile, your products are still being shared illegally during the legal battle. Even if you win your case, no settlement can bring back your lost sales.

Pirated copies can damage your product's reputation

Pirated copies of your software products not only cost you money through lost sales, they can also have a negative effect on your product's image in the marketplace. It is a fact that cracked copies of many software programs do not function in all respects as their developers intended. The cracking process can introduce errors that damage functionality and reliability. The user of a pirate copy of your software has no way of knowing that the problems encountered are a result of the crack, and may conclude that the product itself is defective, or at least not worth buying.

What about your current license-management code?

License management code is only one part of an effective anti-piracy defense. To be effective, your strategy should also include a containment system like Asset-Watch to minimize your losses when the inevitable piracy leaks occur. Asset-Watch helps you remove the download links to illegal copies of your software as soon as possible, stopping further distribution before it starts.

Remember, no license-management code is 100% unbeatable. For comprehensive protection, complement your current anti-piracy solution by subscribing to Asset-Watch, and stay one step ahead.

Other people are profiting from downloads of your products

People make money by generating download links to unauthorized copies of your products. Many free file-hosting sites pay the poster of the file when it is downloaded through their service. And DDL websites are profiting by advertising on pages where your products are being shared illegally. Not only are you losing sales, but someone else is profiting from the illegal sharing of your intellectual property.

Asset-Watch finds these download links for you and helps you get them removed -- quickly, easily, and affordably. Be sure that you are the one who reaps the reward from your hard work.

Subscribe to Asset-Watch and protect your sales.